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1. What is ePDK?
2. What are the prices, royalties, and licensing terms?
3. How can I buy the product?
4. Can the ePDK product be used with a different RTOS?
5. Do you provide development services to integrate the printing solution within our application?
6. Can I purchase this direct from Wind River Systems?
7. Does the ePDK product support color?
8. What types of printers does the ePDK support?
9. What kind of technical support would we receive?
10. Is there any maintenance updates provided?
11. Is there a demo available?
12. Can I receive an evaluation version?
13. What other graphic toolkits will be supported?
14. We do not have a display in our application. How will this product help me?
15. What do I need to know in order to integrate this product with our application?
16. What do I need to have in order to use the ePDK product?
17. What types of fonts are supported?
18. How about scaling?
19. Can I print multiple pages or documents?
20. Does the ePDK support landscape?
21. Does the ePDK support Postscript?
22. What is the VxQManager?
23. What is the overall footprint of the ePDK?
24. Are there any compression capabilities within the VxQManager?
25. What about bitmaps?
26. Can I print WindML fonts?
27. Why is WindML necessary?
28. Can I print to a parallel port?
29. Does ePDK support Java?