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Welcome to PSA's Answer Center - an online self-service database of information based on frequently asked questions. PSA's Answer Center will fully address all your concerns, starting from the peculiarities of outsourcing to the keys for successful project delivery.
1. What should I look for in an outsourcing company?
2. As a project manager at my company, what can I do to make sure my project runs successfully?
3. What are some of the general advantages and disadvantages of the outsourcing development?
4. How do I know what's going on as the project progresses?
5. How can I be sure that my project is being done properly before I receive the finished product?
6. What is the best way to mitigate project delays which could be caused due to the differences in time zones if I outsource?
7. Can I outsource the projects and assignments that I have from my clients to an outsourcing company?
8. Is it possible to outsource activities which need to be completed on-site at my company?
9. How can I prepare to outsource a project? What should I have ready when I look for a vendor?
10. Which methodology should I use for my project?
11. How do I use Microsoft Project to benefit my project?
12. What Project Management tools are helpful for my industry?
13. What level of communication should be used with my team to ensure success?
14. Who needs to be involved on my project team?
15. What do I need to do to outsource a project?
16. How can I rescue a project which is unfinished or was completed incorrectly?
17. How do I switch outsourcing suppliers?
18. Should I outsource my entire project or just parts of it?
19. How do I make offshore work for me?
20. Do we need a Project Manager at the development supplier if we have our own? Why we should pay for both?
21. What is the difference between domestic and offshore project management?
22. How do I manage overlapping resources across multiple projects?
23. Why does it help me to have a Business Analyst on my project?
24. What is a dedicated team? Do I need one?