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PSA is a global technology company providing development services and products throughout the world, using well-defined processes and quality engineering practices to successfully develop IT-solutions for our customers. Our disciplined approach to software development, along with our commitment to stay up-to-date with latest technologies and tools, allows us to create products and services that meet or exceed our customers' requirements, on time, and within budget. PSA is dedicated to continuous improvement and uses every opportunity to evaluate our development processes so we are delivering the solutions of the highest quality.
Keys to Success
At PSA, we know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how to do it best. We are always willing to provide professional advice and recommendations to our existing customers and prospects, even if it does not bring us more business. Our business ethics and transparency have built us a strong reputation in the IT-industry as well as respect from our clients resulting in about 90% of them return to us with new projects and service requests.
Strong Project Management Process
PSA's PMP-certified project management team works hard to make sure that each project is done at its best. Since each PM-specialist has an engineering background, they understand all the important technical details, while keeping sight of the big picture. Our project managers dynamically manage each project to achieve quality results on time and within budget.
You can expect your project manager to keep you fully informed at all stages of the project, and to engage in dynamic dialogue with your organization to make the project as successful as possible. Weekly status reports detailing work completed, planned activities and issue tracking will allow you to follow each project from a high level to the detailed one, while providing the transparency that PSA’s customers have come to expect. PSA will engage with you in a post-implementation review to measure project success, assess additional opportunities, and examine lessons learned. Metrics is collected throughout the project to help us form a better partnership with you. Our focus is on providing you with the best quality solutions, and we use every opportunity to better understand your business objectives, technical and market requirements.
The Quality Management System (QMS) was internally built and implemented into daily corporate activities while undergoing a thorough quality inspection process in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 certification requirements. We are proud to announce that this was completed and we officially received our certificate in December 2020.
Delivery Models
PSA uses US-based project management for all delivery models and provides perfectly structured environment to facilitate effective communications and ensure well-timed service delivery.
  • Offshore Model - All project development is done on PSA Offshore team premises located in Minsk, Belarus with Team Lead coordinating activities at the development center, while customers are kept fully aware of each project stage, the reports and verbal communications are being held regularly on pre-arranged basis.
  • Onshore Model - Onshore team members are located at domestically situated facilities within the United States to facilitate communications and coordinated activities.
  • Onsite Model - The project activities are carried out on the customer's site by Onsite team members to provide optimal communications and project coordination, fully taking into consideration customer's requirement regarding the personnel.
  • Hybrid Model - Being a dynamic and flexible company PSA is ready to employ the customer's own working standards and methodologies. Team members can be distributed to maximize organizational effectiveness and provide delivery at reduced cost.
Quality Focus
PSA's commitment to quality is evident in all the solutions we deliver, and it is the foundation upon which we operate. From initial project planning up to final delivery and knowledge transfer, our quality assurance engineers engage in on-going reviews to ensure that each project stage is a success. Since our QA engineers are engaged early in the process, they are able to identify issues as early as possible in the development lifecycle – where the cost of correction is lowest. PSA works with a number of software tools to support project verification and validation activities, but we can easily adopt any issue management and configuration management software that the project requires. We take pride in our ability to be flexible to support our customers' requests and deliver quality solutions.
Technological Competence
Partnering with PSA means partnering with experts. Our team members hold advanced degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering, and along with our broad range of practical experience, we deliver the results you need to succeed. Whether you partner with PSA for a unique project or you need a dedicated resource team, our business model is scalable to provide you with the expertise needed to get the job done. Our team is custom-selected for each project to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality available, and each member of our staff is committed to creating a collaborative partnership with you.
Customizable Development Process
PSA's development process is being built with your unique needs in mind. We use the various tools for the development process, our team members are well-versed in the development models that will make your project a success. We pride ourselves on our structured methodology and commitment to quality, and we follow a disciplined software development process based on IEEE standards. When you partner with PSA, your projects will get the unique consideration they deserve: we analyze every aspect of your project to make sure that our solution will meet or exceed your expectations.