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Company Overview
Professional Software Associates, Inc. (PSA), headquartered in Lapeer, Michigan, was established in 1993. The company is made up of talented professionals dedicated to our customers' success, thus aligning clients' requirements with latest technological and market trends. Our solutions apply embedded, mobile, client-server and web technologies to a variety of scientific and engineering challenges. PSA provides its products and development services throughout the United States and internationally. Our solutions are deployed in a range of industries such as rail, medical, industrial, manufacturing, electronics, and automotive.
At PSA, we believe that successful business relationships and quality service delivery are based on well-understood requirements and a sound engineering process. This disciplined approach to product development and service delivery, in conjunction with the latest technology, ensures the successful completion of projects on time and within budget.
PSA delivers services that create value by the following principles:
  • PSA follows a disciplined software development process, based on IEEE standards, centered on the successful delivery of results.
  • We are always providing the best resources to supplement or complement development requirements of project-based services, task-based sourcing, consulting, or staff augmentation.
  • Our engineers possess profound technical expertise and can easily adapt to a client's specific demands.
  • While integrating hardware and software technology, we are continually focused on providing our clients with timely and cost-effective results.
PSA Mission
At PSA, our mission reflects the complete expectations of our clients, our industry, and our employees: Teamwork, Quality, and Satisfaction.
Our customers have high expectations for the products we deliver, and PSA exceeds them by becoming a team with our clients. Together, we identify organizational needs, project requirements, and design end-to-end solutions, which help our customers gain the competitive advantage in their market.
The software industry is characterized by rapidly changing technology and standards. PSA keeps pace with the ever-changing technological advances and exceeds industry set standards. Consequently, PSA serves its customers by presenting innovative options and producing well-engineered, tailored solutions.
PSA values its highly motivated, talented, professional team and encourages all employees to continuously enhance their skills via various educational programs and independent studies. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff is supported by PSA's robust development processes.
PSA Company Culture
PSA takes great pride in our globally-diverse integrity and career-minded individuals. Our intelligent, professional team is committed to the success of our customers, our employees, and our company's growth under conservative business leadership utilizing the practice of implementing continuous improvement processes.
PSA Certificate
In order to meet global standards for modern management requirements, our company successfully passed ISO9001:2015 certification. At PSA, we understand that this is only the first step in a long journey. We are committed to making customer satisfaction our number one priority when it comes to delivering guaranteed products and services. Our next step is to confirm this through our day-to-day activities.
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