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Hardware Development PSA's hardware and firmware development capabilities are applicable for all business environments ranging from home offices to large corporations. The team of proven experts incorporates all the latest technologies and languages to design and develop hardware, create a prototype, test and debug it, providing complete system integration.
PSA's comprehensive team of professionals develops both hardware and software components for electronic devices, offering a customer end-to-end product development from the concept to a ready-to-use device. PSA possesses extensive experience and practical knowledge in the range of application domains of embedded systems.
To guarantee the stable hardware performance, PSA’s team is able to conduct a range of testing activities, which include among other hardware validation, functional testing activities, environmental and stress testing. Based on such approach, PSA can perform and support projects of different sizes – the development of the device and documentation creation, as well as updating and integration of various systems, software development, and sample creation. Our philosophy is to provide ultimate solution to your product application.
Product Concept Development
This crucial process is targeted at successfully combining concurrent design methodologies, experienced project management and cutting-edge development tools. Using profound expertise in electronic products manufacturing, PSA works closely with customers to strengthen products design and provide effective time-to-market solutions.
PSA provides customers with the platform based solutions on proven components and modules, and related to them engineering solutions from simple circuits to complex electronic designs using the latest technologies. Extensional expertise in radio-frequency design, filtering, frequency control, surface mounting and ball-grid array technologies, as well as knowledge of customer’s requirements ensure the products effectiveness.
Architecture & Design
PSA has a great experience in designing custom electronics, electronic devices and programmable logic devices. Our team is actively involved in customers’ needs assessment and market conditions evaluation beforehand to ensure that the developed solution meets the specific requirements and fits target market. To guarantee the competitive advantage PSA helps to determine additional features such as cost/quality ratio, expandability and packaging, etc.
PSA designs and develops the following types of hardware:
  • Products with different configurations where MPU/CPU/FPGA systems are required.
  • Products according the specific requirements using a wide range of custom components base.
  • Products with various purposes and complexity degrees.
PSA’s core design expertise includes:
  • Circuit board design
  • Systems design
  • FPGA-based design
  • Multilayer high-speed PCB design
  • Board prototyping and assembly
The experienced engineering staff use a wide and comprehensive set of skills to solve customers’ even the most urgent issues concerning electronic services. The result of a turnkey electronic development is a prototype of an electronic device and a documentation package for its production.
PCB Layouts Design
PCB functionality is one of the main points of consideration for PSA’s professional hardware engineers. The design itself is targeted at ensuring, that the board possesses maximal functionality, while being cost-effective. PCB design is proven to be a successful tool to use before the board bring up for minimizing possible costs for updating, debugging and/or optimization.
PSA’s design services and capabilities include:
  • Schematic diagrams creation
  • Component footprint capturing
  • PCB design (single-, double-, or multiple-sided board design)
  • PCB layout
  • Board bring up
As PSA puts much emphasis on the reliability and high quality of the developed hardware, the detailed and accurate components design is assumed to be obvious to ensure the success of the project. The optimized, effective and functional PCB design, alongside with component mounting makes the hardware prototype work as intended not only for the first time, but in the long run, ensuring stability and preventing from possible further troubleshooting.
Firmware Development
PSA is an expert in the area of embedded firmware solutions, who has proven itself to be a reliable and effective vendor in a range of industry domains. Professional engineering team has a solid and profound skillset in this area to ensure a successful project delivery. Either PSA creates firmware with the real-time performance required or produces a small solution; its technical experts are highly proficient in working with the wide range of architectures (ARM, ColdFire, PowerPC, etc.) as well as programming languages and frameworks (Embedded C/C++, Assembler, VDHL, Java, etc.).
PSA's embedded firmware solutions encompass:
  • Board bring up
  • Drivers development
  • Communication stacks development
  • Middleware development
PSA’s technological proficiency finds an extensive use in providing m2m solutions as well as a range of successfully completed projects encompassing the great performance level while being aligned with industry standards.
PSA provides the integrated time division multichannel fiber-optical transport system for:
  • CCTV video surveillance, authorized access control, security and fire alarm systems for any type of objects (airport buildings, railway stations and technical areas), objects requiring special attention including remote terminals.
  • Transferring both video and control signals via fiber-optical lines for long distances; in the railway transport infrastructure such as ways, platforms, stations, waiting rooms, underground stations and pedestrian underpasses; at remote oil-extracting terminals, oil and gas domains, at the oil/gas processing plants and pumping, oil and gas main pipelines.
  • Transferring the video and control signals with high quality and reliability without any distortions and signal losses under the conditions of the powerful electromagnetic fields and providing reliable transmission of the video and control signals with a high noise stability and protection against aggressive external conditions.