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Zinc ships with a complete set of hypertext based product documentation. These manuals allow for quick and easy access to all of the important information to aid you in learning about Zinc and developing applications.
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Programmer's Guide
A Programmer's Guide is provided as your complete resource to start your experience with the Zinc tools. The guide starts from the point that you complete your installation to the tips on how to optimize your application for performance. The guide teaches you how to create your applications visually and then walks you through the process of creating complete applications using tutorials.
This manual covers discussions in the following areas:
  • Overview of Zinc for desktop and embedded systems
  • Zinc architecture
  • Configuring and compiling Zinc
  • Tutorials and demos
  • Zinc Designer
  • Advanced customization of look and feel
  • Using Zinc on an embedded system
  • Internationalization and Localization
  • Source code organization
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API Reference Manual
The Zinc API Reference Manual consists of over 800 pages of descriptions for class functionality and member function definitions including source code snippets to aid in illustrations of library usage.
This manual is divided into three major reference sections as follows:
  • Class Reference
    All Zinc classes and structures are documented in this section - the majority of the manual. Each class is formatted similarly to provide complete yet comfortable information about each class. For programmers using electronic documentation, these chapters are internally hypertext linked, plus linked to related and base classes for rapid reference.
  • Function Reference
    All 'C' type functions, existing outside of Zinc classes, are documented in this section. Each function is formatted similarly to the classes and methods in the preceding section.
  • Utility Reference
    External applications supplied with Zinc are documented in this section.
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