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This software is part of the PSA printing product portfolio. The ePrintAPI-ngl provides a VxWorks interface to HP's Printer Development Kit. This software meets requirements for applications that need to print from embedded systems running VxWorks without a graphics layer such as WindML.
System Block Diagram
Product Description
ePrintAPI-ngl product provides the printing capability for systems running VxWorks operating system. The ePrintAPI-ngl is focused on providing the ability to send bitmap data to a printer. The PSA Print API (ePrintAPI-ngl) provides a link to the VxWorks OS and the printer specific issues of the HP's Printer Development Kit. This gives the application developer a way to programmatically print an image that is represented in an RGB888 data format. This software works on a platform running the VxWorks operating system.
ePrintAPI-ngl package provides functions of two general types:
  • Manage the print job and the printer – start and stop job, print page, access HP printer functions to select printer, print quality, color mode, etc.
  • Store bitmap data in the print buffer – this will be provided with translate and rotate the image on the printed page.
Another small but critical part of the package is the 'platform services' class that provides an interface from the HP's Printer Development Kit to VxWorks. The platform services must be written to accommodate the type of communication between the system and the printer. Assuming that the most common printer connection will be the parallel port and that the VxWorks parallel driver only supports unidirectional communications, this class will initially support unidirectional communication with the printer. This means that there is no printer status information available. The platform services can be modified to support bi-directional communications if a bi-directional parallel or USB connection is available.
  • VxWorks Version 5.4.2 or later
  • Parallel or USB communications channel
The application programmer should be familiar with VxWorks operating system and devices.
Custom Printer Support
Need specific or enhanced printer functionality for your printer? For those who desire custom printer or font support, contact PSA for more information.
Partner Information
  • Wind River Alliance Partner
  • Wind River Professional Services Partner
Licensing Information
Licenses are provided on a "per project" basis. There are no royalties or runtime fees. Source code or object versions available.
Purchasing Information
Please contact PSA for more information.
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