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ePrintAPI™ is a Printer Driver Development Kit specifically designed to give developers the ability to add printing capabilities to their embedded applications running VxWorks®. The ePrintAPI is focused on providing the ability to send graphical information to a printer in a similar way that it is sent to a display monitor. The ePrintAPI provides a link between the graphics primitives of WindML and the printer specific issues of HP's printers. Thereby, supporting over 50 different HP DeskJet series and other HP printers. This gives the application developer a way to programmatically print graphical data. This software works on a platform running the VxWorks operating system, the WindML graphics stack and HP's Printer Development Kit. A system block diagram is shown below.
Download ePrintAPI Data Sheet
System Block Diagram
Product Description
Product Highlights
  • ePrintAPI provides full graphics and text printing support.
  • Color Depth (monochrome, grayscale, and color support).
  • Capable of being used with over 50 different HP compatible and postscript printers. Contact PSA for a list of supported printers.
  • Source or object versions available.
  • Examples
ePrintAPI Functions
  • Manages the print jobs and printer – start and stop jobs, print page, access to supported HP Printers functions to select printer, print quality, color mode, etc.
  • Create graphics in the print buffer – print screen, draw lines, draw rectangles, draw ellipses, draw polygons, draw text, draw bitmaps, etc.
  • See PSA's ePDK (monochrome) product if you need a generic printer driver to support other printer models outside of HP brands.
  • VxWorks Version 5.4.2 or later
  • WindML 2.0 or later
  • Parallel or USB communications channel
Developers should be familiar with C, WindML 2.0, and the VxWorks 5.4.2 operating system. Developers should have experience in constructing WindML 2.0 applications.
Custom Printer Support
Need specific or enhanced printer functionality for your printer? For those who desire custom printer or font support, contact PSA for more information.
Partner Information
  • Wind River Alliance Partner
  • Wind River Professional Services Partner
Licensing Information
Licenses are provided on a "per project" basis. There are no royalties or runtime fees. Source code or object versions available.
Purchasing Information
Please contact PSA for more information.
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