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As embedded devices increase in functionality and capability, the need for user interface improvements also increases. Often end users expect the look and feel of a desktop system. The ability to use vector fonts, such as True Type fonts, helps to meet this requirement. PSA has implemented eTTF, a vector font solution for VxWorks applications. This solution provides the ability to include True Type or other vector fonts in your target application, including multi-byte fonts. Advanced capabilities such as scaling, rotation and anti-aliasing are supported.
eTTF utilizes the FreeType font engine and includes a WindML font driver. eTTF is installed into the Tornado tree and is fully configurable with the WindML GUI so that the Font Engine and WindML Font Driver can be configured and then built as part of WindML. Hence, there is no integration effort on the part of the developer: just install, configure, and rebuild WindML.
Download eTTF Data Sheet
Product Features
  • Anti-aliasing, rotation, and scaling of fonts
  • Auto-hinting
  • Supported font types: TrueType, Type1, CID-keyed Type 1, BDF, OpenType, X11 PCF, Windows FNT, PFR
  • Small driver footprint: 15K max
  • Small engine footprint: 373K with all modules included, smaller based on configuration
  • Full source code included
  • Configurable in the WindML GUI
  • No royalties or runtime fees
  • TrueType fonts
  • Broad availability of font types and styles
  • Widely accepted standard
  • Low cost solution
  • The functionality is equivalent to that of expensive proprietary solutions
  • No hassle licensing terms on software and fonts unlike proprietary solutions