Embedded Linux Drivers Development Kick-Off

PSA began development of embedded Linux drivers for a huge American manufacturing company that is currently working on an intelligent shower system, including wall-mount waterproof touch screen control panel. Internally, the panel runs Embedded Linux as an operating system. At the current stage of the project, the customer wants to move from a development kit to a first manufactured prototype.

In the first phase, PSA’s representatives visited the customer site in order to update Linux Kernel drivers and assist in a prototype board bring-up. Also, the onsite agenda included reviewing the current system running on the development board and collecting exact requirements for the scope of work to be performed.

The second phase aims at offsite project completion at PSA R&D where our engineers will perform a full board bring-up and develop several remaining custom embedded Linux drivers. Another major offsite activity is to define, document and develop a system firmware update and maintenance procedure, and create a firmware programming guide. Additionally, PSA engineers will develop a full software support for firmware update in Linux with the use of custom firmware update tool and dedicated Linux Kernel configuration.

Date: February 22, 2016
News Source: PSA Internal Source