Next Phase of GUI Porting for Automatic Train Supervision System

After the successful completion of GUI porting assessment project, PSA continues to work on the next phase of the project with the overall goal to port user interface of Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) product from the Motif toolkit to Qt framework. ATS is a platform for mass transit system used to control trains automatically in accordance with the railway timetable.

During the assessment phase of the project, major risks and possible issues related to the selected Qt toolkit were identified, the proof-of-concept application was developed to mitigate those risks and ensure that the selected framework meets the requirements. Also, the guideline documentation was developed to describe the process of porting to the new toolkit and define principles of UI creation.

The project is aimed to complete and release a ported version of the customer’s ATS product by the deadline of November 2016.

Date: March 11, 2016
News Source: PSA Internal Source