PSA to Develop Centralized Production Database

Our loyal customer, the world leader in serving science with presence in over 50 countries, turned to PSA with a new project.

PSA has previously performed several projects for this customer to develop software for a Calibration Machinery Control and reporting services for Electronic Personal Dosimeters (EPD). While the original project was related to parameters setup for dosimeters calibration, this new one is the next step up and is associated with manufacturing process control and management.

PSA will be developing a Centralized Production Database and associated management along with reporting services for use with the Electronic Personal Dosimeters families. The database will contain data of parts and components used to assemble the EPD in chronological order, as well as parts and assemblies testing results received from local and remote manufacturing locations. As part of project deliverables PSA shall provide full database cycle support – from schema development and normalizing to developing stand-alone management tools, reports and maintenance guides.

The project kick-off will begin with an onsite visit of PSA’s representative to the customer location in the UK to collect and clarify project requirements.

Date: May 06, 2016
News Source: PSA Internal Source