Product Requirements Documentation for Tank Monitoring System

Last month PSA engineers completed the first phase of a very interesting project for one of our clients in the United States. We are extremely excited about this opportunity mainly because our client is in the process of creating an affordable, high-quality Tank Monitoring System that will bring a lot of value to many businesses.

The main purpose of the system is to monitor up to eight (8) fluid tanks installed on one fueling spot. The system will include interstitial monitoring to detect any leaks, fluid level sensors as well as an overfill alarm. Information will be collected, processed and displayed on a Controller Unit that will provide visual and audio feedback via LEDs and audio signaling device, and data will be sent to a server via Wi-Fi or GPRS. The unit will include not only a large number of sensors but also weather-resistant components.

Our team has performed detailed market research, identified functional and non-functional requirements, included hardware and software options and recommendations, and prepared the Product Requirements Documentation.

Date: August 05, 2019
News Source: PSA Internal Source