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PSA distributes project status reports weekly. They include such information as activities performed during the previous week, activities planned for the current week, issues encountered, updated milestones and budget summary. Status reports consist of the following documents:
  • Timecard of each team member for the week period with a detailed description of work performed
  • Status report listing activities accomplished during the reporting period and activities planned for current week
  • Project plan with updated actual and remaining work hours
  • Project tracking workbook containing worksheets for milestone dates (planned, estimated, and completed), risk management, action items (updated weekly during the status call), budget (updated weekly from time cards), team members contact information for both organizations
PSA holds weekly status calls in which the status report and project tracking worksheets are reviewed. Usual project status call participants are:
  • PSA's Project Manager
  • PSA's Technical Coordinator
  • Any technical specialist required form PSA side
  • Customer's Project Manager
  • Customer's Lead Technician