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After the project plan is reviewed and approved by a customer, project activities start in accordance with the plan. A project manager oversees activities during all phases and performs preparing, monitoring or conducting reviews of project elements (plans, processes, project status reports, requirements and design documents, test cases, test reports, etc.).
PSA has all kinds of skillful and highly competent technical resources that may be involved in a software project. Project manager makes sure that project tasks are assigned to the right professional who will accomplish the task in the most efficient manner. Possible team structure, including key team members and their responsibilities, is described below:
Project Manager
U.S.-based Project Manager who provides structured environment to facilitate effective communications and ensure quality of service delivery. It should be noted that PSA has certified Project Managers, who have the requisite experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects. Project management certifications, combined with strong technical skills, allow our project managers to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget.
Technical Coordinator
Technical leader who coordinates all development and testing activities, assign tasks to the team members, and verifies the produced output.
Business Analyst
Technical expert who describes what the system, process, or product/service is intended do in order to fulfill the business and technical requirements.
Software Architect
System architect who defines system structure, high-level designs and reviews detailed designs created by software engineers.
Software Engineer
Development engineer to perform application design and implementation.
Quality Assurance Engineer
Quality engineer for validation of project documentation (functional requirements, design documents etc.), creation of testing documentation (test plan, test cases, check lists) and testing of the developed software.
Integration Engineer
Onsite integration engineer responsible for integration of technology within a customer's organization.
Technical Writer
Professional writer who creates and updates technical documentation including help system, user guides, functional requirements and other documents.
Graphic Designer
Professional designer who creates unique user interface of the application, images for project documentation and other pieces of design.