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Product Overview
PSA has a number of its own developed software products that we offer to our clients. PSA has also developed two innovative software programs for Android smart phones, which are available on the Android market. These programs are:
  • The Stream Media Player application, which provides an ability to play video from different web cameras, watch Internet TV, and play locally stored files. The application supports all popular video and audio formats, and have a constantly updated database of video links and online radio stations.
  • Slide Show Application, which allows creation and playback of predefined sequence of images with specified delays, text comments, voice comments or background music.
Easy and convenient tool to make a slideshow for your friends or a user manual for your Android app. Both applications are constantly being improved and enhanced with new cool features.
Zinc ships with full source code as an object oriented C++ platform independent framework, and is used to implement graphical user interfaces (GUI's) for cross platform applications. Zinc is a scaleable and customizable full featured toolkit for the creation of event-driven GUI applications. Zinc is available for embedded and desktop platforms. Zinc for embedded platforms is available for real time operating systems such as Wind River's VxWorks. Zinc utilizes the look and feel of the native platform for Zinc objects.
Font Engine
As embedded devices increase in functionality and capability, the need for user interface improvements also increases. Often end users expect the look and feel of a desktop system. The ability to use vector fonts, such as True Type fonts, helps to meet this requirement. PSA has implemented eTTF, a vector font solution for VxWorks applications. This solution provides the ability to include True Type or other vector fonts in your embedded application, including multi-byte fonts. Advanced capabilities such as scaling, rotation, and anti-aliasing are supported.
As embedded graphics devices increase in functionality and capability end users are looking for the ability to obtain hardcopies with information that is presented. PSA offers a complete line of Printer Driver solutions for VxWorks that allows application developers to easily send printer content to a variety of printer types using different communication interfaces.