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Project Management process is a key factor to ensure the successful completion of the project, which encompasses meeting projects goals and objectives on time, within budget and quality level required.
PSA guarantees the best project management services with our professional, US-based PMP-certified specialists. Our project managers focus on customer needs and deliver highest quality results on schedule and within budget, as well as maintain sufficient level of project documentation providing our customers with complete, transparent and accurate information about projects’ progress.
To make all projects be performed at a highest quality level, our project managers follow strict scope of rules, described below:
  • Understanding of customers' needs and requirements, transforming them into project objectives
  • Creating a reasonable project plan and maintaining it throughout the lifecycle
  • Building a team of professionals with a right skills set
  • Tracking of projects' status and sharing it with all team members
  • Defining projects' risks and successfully mitigating them
  • Establishing baselines and tracking accordingly
  • Documenting all project decisions, agreements and changes
  • Being proactive against problems and issues arising
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction with the projects delivered
Project Management Process
PSA has established the strong and effective project management process which results in a long history of successful projects delivery. Efficient project and process management has been motivating about 90% of our customers to come back to PSA for their new ideas and solutions development.
Our experts plan and monitor the projects from different perspectives to accomplish goals within identified quality level, cost and time frames. The primary goal is to build and deliver solutions that meet and exceed stakeholder's expectations through the use of well-defined, reliable, and flexible processes throughout all business cycles. PSA is a process-oriented organization, which uses well-structured and adjustable processes tailored to meet even most complicated business requirements and objectives of each project. Our processes are accurately monitored and measured on a timely basis to guarantee process improvements and increase the quality of the solutions we design.
Main project management activities at PSA are:
  • Work planning
  • Resource management
  • Risks assessment and control
  • Tasks and activities direction
  • Time management
  • Quality management
  • Configuration management
  • Issues management and solving
  • Project activities tracking and results reporting
Project Plan
All projects start with a clear definition of objectives and goals which require the following "inputs" to initiate a project:
  • Objectives to deliver
  • Schedule to meet
  • Budget to hold
Once these key items are identified, a project manager creates a project plan that includes the following information to track activities:
  • Tasks
  • Resources
  • Milestones
  • Start and finish dates
  • Baseline time estimates
  • Dependences
  • Cost
  • Actual work
  • Remaining work
Project plans are updated daily by Project Manager to ensure that project tracking and metrics are accurate and transparently represent the current project status.