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One of the PSA's core values is to provide solutions of high quality to ensure success of our respective customers. PSA pays much attention to the quality improvement techniques and processes. Our professional team possesses extensive knowledge in both quality assurance and quality control. Proven experts in quality improvement areas, PSA's specialists use a number of tools to verify and validate software development processes throughout the lifecycle.
Quality assurance (QA) as well as quality control (QC) services can be provided to the customer as a part of a development project, or separately for an existing product, system or software. PSA’s team is also proficient in testing of products developed by a third party.
Quality assurance can be defined as a set of activities aimed at verifying the processes of the software development and is considered to be a proactive quality improvement service. Our QA department, proven to be very effective in defining of quality standards for the development processes so that the customers’ requirements are fulfilled, makes sure that majority of defects are prevented.
To meet and exceed the level of quality, acceptable for the end user, PSA performs quality control activities, targeted at verification and validation of the product. The main objective of quality control is to detect any problems after the solution has been developed and before it is released. PSA is proficient in a range of testing types at different levels, proven itself to be a reliable and highly effective solutions provider.