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PSA is proven to be a reliable and effective service provider, helping customers to keep pace with changing market requirements, gain more competitive advantage through the use of new technologies, and align business objectives with modern and up-to-date IT solutions. As businesses are striving to implement new technological solutions without losing the critical data, kept captive in outdated legacy systems, PSA is successfully providing reengineering services to resolve this issue. PSA is highly effective in reestablishing the systems with the use of new technologies, while preserving all business information and logic.
From user interface and applications reengineering and source code refactoring up to reverse engineering, PSA is committed to making transition to the newly provided solutions as smooth as possible.
PSA provides refactoring services, which involve updating legacy software systems to improve the internal structure, quality and maintainability of the code. Refactoring is most often applied to improve the source code quality and structure alongside with eliminating unnecessary variables, strings, values and database select statements.
Project Takeover
PSA’s project takeover service will help you breathe new life into your difficult or failed software projects. Whether you have collaborated with a third party that could not meet the schedule or quality requirements, or an internal project has gone awry, our professional team will get the project back on track. Whatever the stage of development PSA steps in to rescue a project, through our quality-driven approach to redesigning, retesting, and refactoring – the solution will be improved to be a quality product we are proud to stand behind. Our attitude towards project takeover is not just to redo what has already been done but to start from scratch to analyze and define the solution, retaining the valuable components and reworking the rest.
Porting & Migration
One of PSA’s competences is to keep customers’ systems up-to-date using the latest technologies by porting legacy systems to a new platform. Whether it is to improve business processes, increase software performance, its security and reliability, or decrease operating and maintenance costs, porting the legacy system to a newer technology encompasses a wide range of benefits. PSA understands the role the current technology plays in business success, that is why we offer porting and data migration solutions that allow updating and optimizing current legacy system with minimal disruption to business operations. PSA’s project management team creates a transition plan tailored to specific organization’s needs, which includes risk assessment and mitigation plans that are established before any porting or migration begin.
Interface Reengineering
PSA provides extensive interface reengineering and redesign services, based on the UI/UX practices, which can give legacy systems a new lease on life. Whether you need to update the look and feel of an existing application, or create a cohesive interface for multiple integrated products, our team of proven experts will design and implement a user-friendly interface built on advanced technology. Graphical user interface (GUI) services provided by PSA can be contracted separately or included into software development or reengineering solution. PSA works closely with our customer’s team to identify the best solution for your interface and integration needs.
Application Reengineering
The primary objectives to programs restructuring are to ensure better maintenance of existing application, as well as align current solutions with changing requirements and business trends, and migrate them to new databases, operating systems, keeping pace with technological development. Also applications reengineering is targeted at addressing performance issues and eliminating them, achieving higher degree of maintainability, thus providing customers with better applications ROI. PSA is able to perform excellent application reengineering to make sure the designed solution fits customer’s long-terms goals as well as short-term needs.
Reverse Engineering
PSA is highly experienced in providing reverse engineering services for the customers. In case the initial software you possess mostly fits business needs, but should be updated or customized for more effectiveness, PSA is capable to do this even without the source code. Regardless of solution’s complexity, PSA considers reverse engineering as one of core competences, thus being able to analyze the current state of the software and acquire the internal logic so that it could be re-implemented in a solution that fulfil the customer’s business objectives.