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The automotive market is constantly changing and relying on state-of-the-art technologies more and more every day. PSA has gained in-depth experience in helping our automotive clients stay ahead of the curve by developing cutting edge software which satisfies the needs of consumers. PSA can help create your competitive advantage.
Project Image The purpose of the Data Hub Plugin project was to create a high performance data storage toolkit for the collection, storage, retrieval, and maintenance of raw data obtained from the sensors used for measuring vibrational characteristics from turbine engines or generators.
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Project Image The primary objective of the project was to implement a Truck Diagnostics Application for two ergonomic hand-held devices, used as the diagnostic tools designed to collect critical truck performance data such as engine speed/load, pressures, temperatures, fault codes trip and other data from multiple vehicles. The resulting application will be a part of a wide range of diagnostic software applications to service and maintain a fleet of trucks covering electric engines, brakes, and instrument cluster.
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Project Image The objective of the projects was to create a software only version of the LDV Streamer Telematics Interface that can be run on the customer’s on-board computing device. The customer shall be able to switch between the box product and the embedded libraries with minimal change to their software. It allows customers of the Intellectual Property Library to lower system cost at the expense of hardware integration.
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Project Image The SV2 project is to develop firmware version 2.0 of LDV Streamer running on new hardware. The Light Duty Vehicle (LDV) Streamer is a hardware device that enables OEM customers to retrieve the most commonly used parameters from the diagnostic bus of a Light Duty Vehicle.
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