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PSA provides development services for the industrial applications including facilities automation, real-time intelligence, and device networks.
PSA is a full-service consulting firm with experience in a variety of functions, such as workflow management, financial transactions, multimedia, manufacturing automation, hardware and control systems, technical engineering, and more.
Project Image The primary objective of Dosimeter Calibrator Development project was to develop software for a machine used to calibrate the personal electronic hand-held dosimeters. A calibration machine consists of a number of stations used to expose personal dosimeters to a predefined level of radiation in order to perform initial setup of the devices.
Project Image The primary objective for Atlas Boring Application was to perform research of existing 3D engines for iOS, Windows, and Android platforms and develop sample application for these three platforms as a proof of concept.
Project Image The main purpose of the Enterprise Embedded Code Development project was to develop a code compatible with a Storage Workgroup Enterprise Security Subsystem Class (SSC) specification.
Industrial/Robotics | Embedded | C/C++ | Eclipse IDE | SVN | Jenkins
Project Image The Car Radio Playback Development for Black Tie Radios project involves development based on Pioneer S10 playback device with implementation and improvement of new features and functionality. Development phase included integration into current HMI framework with new HMI updates.