Category Image PSA has experience in building and delivering medical software for prestigious healthcare clients. PSA collaborates with its clients to develop custom medical software focused on getting revenue, improving patient satisfaction and health outcomes, reducing expenditures, and utilizing clinicians most efficiently.
Project Image The primary objective of Blood Culture System Software Extension was to port existing Zinc-based software used on a fully automated medical blood culture system from VxWorks to Windows 7 platform.
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ETA  project was aimed at developing a computer based training for InfinityQS application which is used at Alcon Labs, the most respected and trusted eye care company in the world. It is used to train new employees from a CD or online to operate on the floor through simulating the application used on the production floor.
The application consists of a demonstration part where the real application was captured and the user is guided through the application with simultaneous audio narration, text captions, and quizzes. The second part is about testing the skills of the user. It allows learners to practice an actual procedure hands-on, test their performance with scored mouse clicks, data entry, buttons. Final scores are sent to the supervisor for review.
Medical | Data Management | Desktop | Adobe Captivate | Adobe FrameMaker | WebWorks | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Acrobat | JavaScript
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This device allows the monitoring of patient's vital signs. PSA's tasks for this project were to develop the screen region management and conduct a port of the ICA client and migrate to UGL 2.0 and Zinc 6.0 to support the region management functionality. PSA also assisted in the development of the next generation patient monitoring device.
The region management consisted of developing the basic input and output screen region management functionality. An 8-bit display was developed for the rendering of graphics. This 8-bit display translated into an available pool of 256 colors. The porting consisted of porting to the new PPC860 architecture, implementing an application layer between the server and the thin client, and developing the graphics component to display graphical elements on the screen for visual representation.
Medical | Embedded | Microsoft Windows NT | Unix | Solaris | UGL | VxWorks | Citrix Metaframe | Zinc | ICA Client | Tornado | PPC860 Architecture
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The Bone Densitometer uses an X-ray technique to estimate bone mineral content in the distal and/or proximal forearm.
PSA ported an existing DOS based system to a Microsoft Windows and Unix operating systems and assisted in the development of a cross platform GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the Bone Densitometer application.