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Category Image PSA has performed a number of successful projects for the semiconductor industry. We have developed software products for different types of semiconductor equipment: Wafer Yield Analysis, Image Browser, Statistical Process Control, and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Network. PSA can develop custom software for your semiconductor equipment by choosing an appropriate platform and technology to make new solution work.
Project Image The main purpose of the Garbage Collection Engine Implementation project was to model Garbage Collection Engine functionality that resides on the Solis State Drive.
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The image browser is an application that allows you to view and browse wafer chip images.
PSA was responsible for porting the image browser application software from Microsoft Windows 3.1 to Motif on HP UX 9.05.
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This application allowed operators and plant management to view, monitor, and control semiconductor manufacturing equipment in their facility from any authorized remote workstation.
PSA provided a means of monitoring and controlling a specified industrial tool from a remote workstation. One important aspect of this project was that the workstation and the tool can be running with either SunOS or Solaris operating systems. Using Java as the cross platform environment, PSA developed a complete graphical user interface (GUI), client functions and list maintenance functions.
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Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a software option which allows users of semiconductor manufacturing tools to gather process data over a period of time and use it to analyze and understand machine performance trends.
The scope of work included software enhancements to the SPC software, which include adding modifications to the display and printing of graphs, such as adding machine id, date range, and recipe, and adding an X library key/legend to the printout of a chart, changing the resolution of data points. In addition, modifications were made to the alarms and error handling for the SPC software.
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