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Mobile Solution
PSA has a wealth of experience in providing end-to-end mobile solutions to our customers. Extensive knowledge and profound expertise in the area of mobile technologies allow PSA to design a wide range of solutions, from small applications to complex enterprise software applications. Our sizeable experience enables us to provide you with a full range of services ensuring fast development for your mobile software solution, from the concept, to the finished software product. As a result, you will get time-to-market mobile solutions of the highest quality.
Our professional team has been continually studying the latest mobile technologies and market trends to keep pace with advances in mobile development. We use time-to-market and cost-optimized mobile technologies and frameworks for mobile application development. We greatly appreciate your interest in PSA mobile solutions and we are looking forward to discussing your needs in more detail through our cost free professional consultation.
Mobile Solutions System Development Overview

PSA has been deeply involved in a huge array of projects in security and public safety, telecommunications and VoIP support, automotive and transportation, entertainment and media, in addition to other industries and has proven itself to be a highly experienced provider of mobile solutions regardless of their complexity. PSA’s core competencies include platform-independent applications development, enterprise mobile solutions development, localization and internationalization services, as well as quality assurance and applications support.

Security and VoIP:

PSA has generated the First Responder Mobile Workstation application. The primary objective was to create and manage incidents for such agencies as fire department, police, hospitals, or government bodies, in response to real world events, including life critical situations.  More 

Public Safety:

Frequently utilized by organizations in the healthcare and nuclear industry, PSA developed a dosimeter mobile application aimed at controlling the level of radiation and cumulated dose.  More 

Automotive and Transportation:

For 20 years, PSA has been designing and developing automotive applications. One of PSA’s most recently developed applications enables people who are participating in the car sharing program to organize a vehicle swap with another person, taking into account vehicle type and availability, as well as creating limitations on car usage (smoking, pet transportation, etc.).
The system can also monitor and report any technical issues with the vehicle before and after use, and organize key swapping.

Industrial Automation:

InfoCentre Mobile Barcoding is an application PSA designed and developed, intended for scanning a defined QR code and obtaining information about the physical object associated with this code. More 

Entertainment and Media:

PSA has its own Android SlideShow application, which allows sharing pictures with other people in the form of a media slide show.  More 

This is an overview of PSA's extensive portfolio of successfully supplied mobile solutions. To find out more about PSA’s capabilities, schedule a consultation with our specialists. Additional project examples have also been made available under our “Projects” tab.

Project Image The project is to develop a mobile application on Android 4.3+ platforms to display the data received from a personal handheld dosimeter via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE). The application allows controlling level of radiation and accumulated dose, and saving the data and route map of the device movements within preset periods of time with possibility to send the data to a remote server. In case if the preset limit of radiation is exceeded, the application initiates a sound alert.
Project Image Android Slide Show Application allows sharing pictures with other people in a form of media slide show. User can playback, pause, and resume a slideshow as well as select a desired slide and start playback from a selected slide.
Project Image Stream Media Player is a proprietary freeware product of Professional Software Associates. It is an application that allows playing video from the Web, watch Internet TV, and playback locally stored multimedia files. The application supports JPEG and Motion JPEG web cameras as well as H.263/H.264 RTSP streams widely supported by mobile devices. The media player also contains pre-configured links to start easily.
Project Image The primary objective for Atlas Boring Application was to perform research of existing 3D engines for iOS, Windows, and Android platforms and develop sample application for these three platforms as a proof of concept.