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The project was to prepare a release version for MESR  device product. MESR  is a Modbus Ethernet-to-Serial Gateways which allows connecting serial Modbus ASCII/RTU devices to Modbus/TCP Ethernet as well as solving many other real-world Modbus problems such as converting ASCII to RTU.
The scope of work included merging latest changes to the firmware, acceptance test execution, preparing the final build, and creation of installation program and installation CD image for production. Final acceptance testing for the product included developing test cases for acceptance, performing manual and automated testing on different Windows platform, including 32 and 64 bit platforms.
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During this project a full support of the Modbus protocol for the Serial Server Device with master and slave modes for TCP, RTU and ASCII protocols was implemented.
During the project the firmware for the device was created and the internal web server was updated for device configuration. The desktop configuration utility was developed for remote device configuration.
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Project Image The project aimed at developing a Serial Server Device Module responsible for managing device configuration and firmware update. The Module is capable to parse, process configuration requests, store parameters and apply them to the device.
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The project consisted of updating the existing firmware for Serial Server Devices through adding new partial functionality to a Modbus protocol.
The project included design and development of a Modbus gateway with a pass-through Ethernet port. The gateway supports the Modbus TCP server and Modbus RTU serial with Modbus slave devices attached to the serial ports. The gateway allows customers to replace the three box solution with a single box solution. Along with new protocol implementation, the internal web server was updated as well as the desktop utility for remote device configuration and firmware update. The created desktop automated testing utility was developed for testing the solution.
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