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Category Image ASM x86 or x86 assembly language represents a family of backward-compatible languages. Such languages are used to produce object code for the x86 class of processor including Intel Core series. Same way as all the assembly languages, it’s using short mnemonics to represent the core instructions that the CPU can understand and follow. Assembly languages are commonly used for detailed and/or time critical applications, such as operating systems kernel, device drivers or small real-time embedded systems.
Project Image The objective of the Shadow Device Firmware project was to perform full cycle of development and hardware integration of the Shadow Platform firmware required for Audio, MADI, Ethernet/Video, and Intercom devices.
Project Image The main objective of the Modbus Support for Serial Server project was to update existing firmware for Serial Server device by adding Modbus protocol support.
PSA replaced mouse and keyboard interface of the Vehicle Design Application and provided the client with software design expertise.
The project included modification of the existing man-machine interface with the Vehicle Design Application by replacing mouse and keyboard interface with driving the Vehicle Design thermal imaging rendering functionality from an ASCII data script.