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Category Image Atlassian JIRA  is an issue tracking system which provides powerful capabilities for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management. A large number of available for this system plug-ins and gadgets together with customization features makes JIRA an excellent solution for capturing, assigning and tracking all kinds of work and activities.
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The main objective of the project is to implement and test front end graphical user interface for the Graphical Control Module (GCM). GCM is a perimeter security system used to monitor a predefined area in order to prevent trespassing. The system helps to process the data from a number of security sensors, providing a convenient perimeter control tool.
Project Image The primary objective of the project was to implement a Truck Diagnostics Application for two ergonomic hand-held devices, used as the diagnostic tools designed to collect critical truck performance data such as engine speed/load, pressures, temperatures, fault codes trip and other data from multiple vehicles. The resulting application will be a part of a wide range of diagnostic software applications to service and maintain a fleet of trucks covering electric engines, brakes, and instrument cluster.
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