Category Image Bugzilla  is a cross-platform defect tracking system developed and supported by Mozilla Foundation. Bugzilla system provides a wide range of features to support the software development process such as bugs and code changes tracking, submitting and reviewing patches and managing quality assurance. Due to active improvement and support by Mozilla Foundation Bugzilla can be considered as a solid bug-tracking system.
Project Image The objective of the projects was to create a software only version of the LDV Streamer Telematics Interface that can be run on the customer’s on-board computing device. The customer shall be able to switch between the box product and the embedded libraries with minimal change to their software. It allows customers of the Intellectual Property Library to lower system cost at the expense of hardware integration.
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Project Image
Zlinx Xtreme is a new product for transmitting digital or analog data across a wireless network. Project tasks required creation of test cases for testing device functionality and execution of the prepared test cases for the new product.
The integral part of the project was also the update of the product documentation including a Quick Start Guide and Instructions.
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Project Image PSA completed Quality Assurance on a family of embedded products, performing all aspects of product functional testing. Included among the activities was creation of a complete set of regression Test Cases based on thorough review of product functional requirements.
Project Image The SV2 project is to develop firmware version 2.0 of LDV Streamer running on new hardware. The Light Duty Vehicle (LDV) Streamer is a hardware device that enables OEM customers to retrieve the most commonly used parameters from the diagnostic bus of a Light Duty Vehicle.
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