Category Image PSA′ s team has strong .NET development skills and have performed many projects using C# programming language. C# is an object-oriented language, one the main features of which is in allowing the programmers to build a wide range of applications based on the .NET platform in a fairly short period of time. C# together with .NET helps to decrease development time, while lowering attention to such issues as memory management, safety issues for types, creation of low-level libraries, checking of array bounds, etc. C# is an open standard language, which has a short execution time and gives possibility to use other .NET enabled languages being interchangeable in the code.
Project Image The main objective of the project was the internationalization of two products: Maintenance Management System and the Car Repair Billing product for one of the leading market players in the rail industry. Both products were initially support only in the English language and needed to be translated into other languages due to expansion into new markets. The PSA performed the localization of both products to support multiple languages, our development team paid special attention to numerous linguistic specifics and established the appropriate logic. Among those peculiarities were:
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Project Image The primary objective of Dosimeter Calibrator Development project was to develop software for a machine used to calibrate the personal electronic hand-held dosimeters. A calibration machine consists of a number of stations used to expose personal dosimeters to a predefined level of radiation in order to perform initial setup of the devices.
Project Image The primary objective for Interlocking System Support project is to upgrade and maintain system software used in railroads to manage and monitor computer-based interlocking control systems and rail mass transit wayside interlocking equipment.
Project Image The purpose of the Data Hub Plugin project was to create a high performance data storage toolkit for the collection, storage, retrieval, and maintenance of raw data obtained from the sensors used for measuring vibrational characteristics from turbine engines or generators.
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