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PSA′s excellence inJava  programming allow us to create a number of systems which help our customers meet their business objectives. Java is a programming language which derives much of its syntax from and C++ programming languages, but has a more simple object model and fewer low-level facilities. Java applications are typically compiled to byte code (class file) that can run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) regardless of computer architecture.
Java is also a robust, architecturally neutral, portable, interpreted, threaded, dynamic and high performance language. Java enables the development of robust applications on multiple platforms in heterogeneous, distributed networks.
Project Image The project is to develop a mobile application on Android 4.3+ platforms to display the data received from a personal handheld dosimeter via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE). The application allows controlling level of radiation and accumulated dose, and saving the data and route map of the device movements within preset periods of time with possibility to send the data to a remote server. In case if the preset limit of radiation is exceeded, the application initiates a sound alert.
Project Image Android Slide Show Application allows sharing pictures with other people in a form of media slide show. User can playback, pause, and resume a slideshow as well as select a desired slide and start playback from a selected slide.
Project Image Stream Media Player is a proprietary freeware product of Professional Software Associates. It is an application that allows playing video from the Web, watch Internet TV, and playback locally stored multimedia files. The application supports JPEG and Motion JPEG web cameras as well as H.263/H.264 RTSP streams widely supported by mobile devices. The media player also contains pre-configured links to start easily.
Project Image The primary objective for InfoCentre Mobile Barcoding project was to develop a mobile barcode reader application for iOS and Android platforms.