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Category Image JavaScript  is a dynamic computer programming language mainly used as a part of web browsers, implementations of which allow scripts from the client-side interact with the user, control the browser, communicate asynchronously, and alter the displayed document content. The language is also used in server-side network programming and creation of desktop and mobile application.
Project Image The main objective of the project was the internationalization of two products: Maintenance Management System and the Car Repair Billing product for one of the leading market players in the rail industry. Both products were initially support only in the English language and needed to be translated into other languages due to expansion into new markets. The PSA performed the localization of both products to support multiple languages, our development team paid special attention to numerous linguistic specifics and established the appropriate logic. Among those peculiarities were:
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Project Image The project was to rebrand the general appearance of the Customer website enhancing it with contemporary Web 2.0 features. Enhancement of the existing customer website was performed through moving all styling elements into style sheets and making the overall website compliant with the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard. The project also included refactoring and tuning themes to update its website structure.
Data Management | Desktop | Microsoft Visual Studio | JSP | XHTML Transitional | CSS | JavaScript | SVN
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ETA  project was aimed at developing a computer based training for InfinityQS application which is used at Alcon Labs, the most respected and trusted eye care company in the world. It is used to train new employees from a CD or online to operate on the floor through simulating the application used on the production floor.
The application consists of a demonstration part where the real application was captured and the user is guided through the application with simultaneous audio narration, text captions, and quizzes. The second part is about testing the skills of the user. It allows learners to practice an actual procedure hands-on, test their performance with scored mouse clicks, data entry, buttons. Final scores are sent to the supervisor for review.
Medical | Data Management | Desktop | Adobe Captivate | Adobe FrameMaker | WebWorks | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Acrobat | JavaScript
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Data Synchronization (My Valet) Project was aimed at providing synchronization of various data between Android based phones and personal computers as well as to view, manage and synchronize user’s personal data online. My Valet  project focused on the modification of the Google phone Android 0.9 applications as well as open source Funambol Sync Server and Funambol Outlook plug-in to synchronize the Media data.
The developed solution allows synchronizing of Contacts, Events (Calendar), Pictures/Photo, Music, and Video. As soon as the new version of Android SDK was released, the Calendar and Weather service were ported to versions 0.9 and 1.0 of Google Android frameworks.
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