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Category Image The Microsoft Project is one of the most powerful project management software tools developed by Microsoft Corporation. It provides functionality which allows developing project plans, assigning project resources, tracking project progress, and many other features to assist project managers with the variety of collaboration capabilities. The Microsoft Project is commonly used by PSA to create project plans, track project baselines and various activities.
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The main objective of the project is to implement and test front end graphical user interface for the Graphical Control Module (GCM). GCM is a perimeter security system used to monitor a predefined area in order to prevent trespassing. The system helps to process the data from a number of security sensors, providing a convenient perimeter control tool.
Project Image The project was to develop a library which encapsulates TCP/IP networking functionality and security. Functionality of the library was designed to allow products developed on the NXP LPC2468 family of processors to add automatic configuration feature and simplify remote configuration and administration of devices. The solution included a specific customer tool that provides monitoring and remote configuration of devices thru TCP/IP protocol.
Industrial/Robotics | Data Management | Embedded | Keil RTX RTOS for NXP LPC2468 processor | Keil uVision IDE | Team Foundation Server | MS Project
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The purpose of this project was to update an inventory control system based on the Oracle tools including the Warehouse Management System (WMS) module. The goal for the project was to reduce the current number of inventory organizations from seventeen consisting of a main warehouse and satellite stores.
The new system combines these into two separate systems consisting of one system for Generation and the other for Transmission and Distribution. To improve the tracking and tracing of items within the inventory the system allows printing and applying barcodes to inventory items. To expedite the inventory cycle count process the use of barcode devices is included.
Public Sector | Industrial/Robotics | Data Management | Desktop | MS Project | Oracle | Custom Reporting | SQL, PL/SQL | Barcode printing/scanning
Project Image The project consisted of creating Google phone widgets for weather, stock, calendar, as well as a widget for configuration and managing of the created widgets.
Mobile and Telephony | Digital Media | Data Management | Mobile Solution | Android | Eclipse IDE | Ant | MS Project | Microsoft Visual Studio | SVN