Category Image Motif  is the widget toolkit that is mainly used to build applications which follow a graphical user interface specification (referred as Motif as well) under the windowing system for bitmap displays X Window common on Unix and other systems compliant with Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) standards. It is the basic building block of the Common Desktop Environment for Unix operating system.
Project Image The primary objective for SunRail Development project was to implement the communications interface between the Public Announcement (PA) system providing audio messages to commuters on train arrivals and communicate status using Variable Message Signs (VMS) providing visual status.
Project Image The project objective is to perform development support for commuter rail software systems deployed in Europe and Asia including dispatching features deployed in Asia utilizing Communication Based Train Control for driverless train operation.
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The image browser is an application that allows you to view and browse wafer chip images.
PSA was responsible for porting the image browser application software from Microsoft Windows 3.1 to Motif on HP UX 9.05.
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This application allowed operators and plant management to view, monitor, and control semiconductor manufacturing equipment in their facility from any authorized remote workstation.
PSA provided a means of monitoring and controlling a specified industrial tool from a remote workstation. One important aspect of this project was that the workstation and the tool can be running with either SunOS or Solaris operating systems. Using Java as the cross platform environment, PSA developed a complete graphical user interface (GUI), client functions and list maintenance functions.
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