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Category Image The IBM Rational Rose is a family of products designed for Unified Modeling Language (UML) based applications development. It is commonly used for software architectures visual modeling, databases modeling and application requirements describing.
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The Home Personalization Application  project performed customization of the main user interface component which is the home screen.
PSA modified the Home application so that it can be customized with adding four more "virtual screens" which contain widgets such as Weather, Shortcut, and Global Time. The new programmable interface for widgets was defined as well as various widgets’ components.
Project Image The Google Phone Applications  project consisted of creating a stack of end-user applications for the new Linux based Android platform and framework which was introduced by Google. The implemented set of robust applications, such as Calendar, Camera, Audio Player, Task Manager, Calculator, has an innovative and fresh appearance consistent with the Google based applications.
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The image browser is an application that allows you to view and browse wafer chip images.
PSA was responsible for porting the image browser application software from Microsoft Windows 3.1 to Motif on HP UX 9.05.