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Account Information System - IVR and Voice Mail System
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This computer telephony IVR system allows callers to access their mutual fund account information via an IVR system.
PSA designed and developed the IVR and Voice Mail system, using Mediasoft IVS software development kit and Dialogic voice processing board. The IVR system allows a user to access account information and historical information. The voice mail system features are: allowing the caller to record voice messages, having a name associated with each mailbox, passwords protection of individual mailboxes, options to add new and delete old mailboxes. Custom features designed into the voice mail system were added to provide the caller with an option to listen, erase or re-record his just recorded message, recover deleted messages, include up to 9 personal greeting messages for every mailbox, message forwarding capability with or without comments attached, message notification and replaying feature, group boxes, message confirmation, directory search and a new User Tutorial.