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Google Phone Applications
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Google Phone Applications were developed using the technology targeted at the Linux based mobile phone market using the Android Java based framework. Android is an open platform that is a software stack for mobile devices which includes an Operating System, middleware, and key applications to integrate with. The Google Phone Applications project consisted of two main efforts including applications development and home screen personalization.

Applications Development

The applications development project required designing and development of Java based applications for a Linux based mobile phone using the Android framework. The set of applications developed included calendar, camera, audio player, task manager, and calculator. These applications were designed to have innovative interactions and fresh appearance consistent with the base Google applications.

Home Screen Personalization

The Home Screen Personalization project focused on customization of the main user interface screen. The objective of the project was to modify the Home screen application so that it can be customized through“virtual screens” which can contain widgets including Weather, Shortcut, and Global Time that were also developed. All information on controlling the appearance of the virtual screens was designed in XML files.