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Perimeter Security Software Development
Project Image
PSA developed from the ground up a complete environment for the display and monitoring of a network of perimeter security devices. The product is being deployed globally for perimeter security applications used in both intrusion detection for military, government, and private facilities, as well as escape detection for prison applications. The system helps to process the data from a number of security sensors, providing a convenient perimeter control tool
During the project evolvement a number of new features was implemented, such as:
  • Added networking support - allows usage of few stations (more than one user can observe the situation and control the perimeter from different places)
  • Increased system security by usage of digital certificates
  • Added language support
  • Added possibility to back-up the main station data and in case of system failure in a short period of time recreate the main station on a different machine
  • GUI design update, added new graphical elements
  • Bug fixing, refactoring, project documentation