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Field Museum Loan Site Renew
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Harris Educational Loan Center (HELC) website is a web interface for the Harris Loan Program intended for loaning Field Museum’s exhibits and other materials for educational purposes. The HELC site provides borrowers with an ability to register educational materials, search and schedule items for loan, and view lesson plans and add new ones. The HELC project includes a Customer front-end and an Administrative back-end.


The existing Customer front-end involved migrating of existing functionality to ASP.NET. The following activities were performed: fixing existing bugs, search optimization, implementing the ability to view large pictures, and other feature enhancement.


The work on the back-end included gathering requirements from the existing back-end that consisted of separated parts, defining requirements for new functionality, and development of the Administrative interface. The interface included the following features:
  • User Management
  • User-Defined Reports
  • School Management
  • Material Management
  • Reporting System
  • Billing System
  • E-mail Notification
E-mail notification system automatically sends confirmations, reminders, etc. Reporting system includes predefined reports and a report constructor used to generate user-defined reports. The database structure was updated for better integrity and security of data.