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Particle Counter Firmware Development
Project Image
The LASAIR III project was to develop firmware for a portable aerosol particle counter device that is used for cleanroom monitoring and facility certification.
The project includes development of a touch screen user interface and business logic for guiding a user through the certification process. The LASAIR III application guides the user through the certification process, verifies adequate sample numbers and volumes, collects the data, and then prints a final report on a thermal printer or creates a MHT/HTML formatted report.
Differentiating characteristics for the LASAIR III firmware are intuitive operation of the user interface and unique visual branding.
The LASAIR III device interface features include a VGA color LCD display, touch screen input, sample probe, and a built-in thermal printer. LASAIR III firmware allows operating the device as a stand-alone unit or remotely via browser if the device is connected to an Ethernet network.