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Data Synchronization Project
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My Valet  project provided synchronization of various data types between Android based phones and personal computers. The solution developed allows synchronization of Contacts, Calendar Events, Photos, Music and Video between an Android mobile device and the Windows Funambol Sync Server Outlook. The application provides access to this data through the Internet. The project consisted of modification to Google phone Android 0.9 applications together with updating the open source Funambol Sync Server and Funambol Outlook.
The project includes four components: Synchronization Server, Web Portal, Outlook Sync Client, and Android Sync Client.
  • Sync Server provides synchronization of various data types between mobile devices and personal computers; storing the synchronized data in a web server database. The Sync Server was based on the open source Funambol Sync Server.
  • The Web portal included a customized dynamic interface and provided a user with the ability to view and manage personal data online using a standard browser. It allowed synchronization of data with the Sync Server to make it available anywhere anytime. The Web Portal uses MySQL database installed on the Fedora 9 Linux operational system.
  • Outlook Sync Client allowed sharing calendar and contacts data from Microsoft Outlook and was extended to share photo, music, and video files.
  • Gphone Android Sync Client was created to get access to the Internet Sync Server for sharing calendar, contacts, and media content.