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Access Rights Solution
Project Image
Access Rights Inspector is an application that determines user access rights on a Windows file system and Active Directory tree, and provides a reporting interface to convey results.
The product can be used for scanning file systems and Active Directory trees, collecting security information for each object, storing this information in a database, and presenting visual results in the form of interactive and static offline reports through a web interface.

Project Features

  • File System scanning for information on permissions, including remote scanning of NetApp Data ONTAP
  • Active Directory scanning for permissions information including remote scanning of Active Directory controllers
  • Retrieving all users information for a File Server and Active Directory with membership data
  • Scanning permissions for file shares
  • Calculating Effective Rights based on explicit permission for files/folders/share, user/group membership, built-in Windows security principals, and permissions priority
  • Maintaining security information in a Microsoft SQL 2008 database
  • Web based client application for easily viewing of information about object rights and group membership for anywhere
  • Reporting Wizard which helps to create complicated reports in four steps