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Professional Audio Equipment Control
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Shadow Platform Software Controller (SPSC) is a multiplatform desktop application for configuring and managing a network of audio devices connected over fiber-optic cable. Target installations include auditoriums, concert halls, music clubs, and performing arts centers.
The application is dedicated to working with the Shadow Platform which is a hardware architecture that includes multiple hardware modules connected for the purpose of transporting data for the audio industry. This data can include analog and digital audio, video, intercom, Ethernet, and control data.
The application can graphically represent an entire star network that exists and has the ability to 'talk' and 'listen' to any module in the system. The SPSC itself is considered as a part of the network and has an expandable architecture based on plug-ins concept.

Implemented Features

  • Set any parameter on any single or multiple modules in the network
  • Display the status of any single or multiple modules in the network
  • Display real-time metering data for any single or multiple Audio modules in the network
  • Play Pre Fader Listen (PFL) monitor audio from any Audio module through the host systems sound card
  • Investigate the network topology and create graphical map representation
  • Save and recall the configuration of all modules in the network to a file
  • Multi view support and customizable layout
  • On-line and off-line modes
  • Off-line topology creation and editing using Map Edit functionality
  • Plug-in support for new type of audio devices
  • Chat functionality to other SPSCs on the network