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Vital Systems Board Development
Project Image
The main objective of the Vital Systems Board Development project was to design, develop and test the programmable hardware for the Precision Station Stop (PSS) Transmitter function using VHDL (hardware description language). The board itself was a new product intended to provide one hardware design that could be adapted to three different functions including Precision Station Stop. PSA was responsible for hardware verification based on board design requirements, VHDL development of PSS Transmitter function, and test-benches implementation for engineering tests.
PSS Transmitter is a part of PSS system, which represents one of the three function modes of a multifunctional board. The main purpose of PSS mode is to provide the high precision positioning of a train at a station. This functionality includes a method to transmit a wide-band signal that causes resonance with a tuned wayside circuit at a specific frequency, which can then be detected as a marker for position.