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Visual Design Tool
The Zinc Designer is a tool that provides you with the resources necessary to rapidly develop GUI designs using a comprehensive range of user interface objects. The Zinc Designer provides the developer with all of the resources necessary to visually create and edit properties needed to develop the visual resources for an application. The Designer provides the developer with the ability to visually:
  • Create windows and window objects
  • Create images and icons
  • Build help prompts, status, and system
  • Create dimensional and placement constraints for automated sizing and locating of window objects
  • Edit strings for multiple languages
  • Create custom interface objects
As your application is visually created the Zinc Designer stores these objects in a data file known as a Designer file. This file is used when your Zinc application is executed to generate your visual interface. Since some embedded systems don't include a file system the Zinc Designer can also generate a complete C source file representation of the Designer file for inclusion into your application.
Easy to Use
Application development often has strict deadlines driven by time to market demands. The Zinc toolkit provides the solution for the generation of GUI applications that have critical delivery timelines. To ensure that your applications can be developed rapidly the Zinc Designer provides its full suite of capabilities through simple drag and drop or click and edit operations. For embedded systems, Zinc provides the ability to create and run your applications on a host development platform before target hardware is available.
Differentiable - Customized look and feel
Most embedded devices serve a dedicated purpose, that is why they require customized user interfaces. Zinc allows clients to brand their visual appearance on their devices. The appearance of Zinc objects as well as the manner, in which they handle events, can be customized in an easy and intuitive way. The Zinc Designer also allows the integration of customized objects to ensure rapid development of these highly customized applications. For example JPEG images can be used to customize the appearance of a button.